What Is An Awakening Intensive?
The Awakening Intensive is a three day retreat for pastors and prayer leaders who are dedicated to leading their churches to become prayer-centered. There is biblical and practical teaching, training, and coaching designed to equip and empower leadership in corporate prayer. The Awakening Intensive will be intentionally small, with room for up to 70 participants. At this gathering, we will facilitate times of peer discussion and dialogue, as well as, addressing critical questions and concerns regarding prayer strategy implementation. 
Biblical Building Blocks to Rebuilding the Foundation of Corporate Prayer 
What is a “House of Prayer”
and Why?
Why Getting People
to Pray is so Difficult 
Prayer-Centered Ministry 
The DNA of a
Presence-Based Church 
Critical Steps to Repairing
the Altar in the Church
March 31 – April 2, 2020
In 1999, many of the people coming to Crossroads were battling addictions, strongholds and various problems associated with poverty and eventually they would leave the church without real change. Pastor Corey came to his own crossroad. Discouraged and on the verge of giving up, God led Pastor Corey to visit Christ Tabernacle, in Queens, New York. At a Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting in Queens, God birthed in Pastor Corey’s heart a vision for what prayer could do. He returned and led the church to begin to cry out to God in prayer. From a handful of people in 1999 to a houseful now in 2019, God has proved faithful. Today, people from every walk of life and from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds know that Crossroads Tabernacle is a place where prayers are continually answered and miracles still happen.